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Grace personified!

Image credits: Facebook

As it happens to be, Ms. Vidya Balan (of whom I’m a BIG fan) is on the jury of the 66th Cannes Film Festival, and as expected, the entire responsibility of dressing her up is with the one and only Mr. Sabyasachi (Quite an honor – for both – I must say). And although I’m not really following the happenings on the telly or anything, one cannot quite ignore the splurge of pictures of the same on Facebook, can one?! And as usual, (a rare) curiosity arose in me on seeing some pictures of Balan (dressed in Sabya ofcourse) and I went on to read some of the comments on those pictures. I now regret reading these comments by total (and idiotic) strangers. This post comes as a result of that reading…

I saw many (in fact, MOST) comments deriding either Sabya for the attire or Balan for wearing it “incorrectly”. According to some of these people, either the former went TOO Indian or the latter overdid her part in “acting” Indian (whatever on earth that means!).

Now I have a feeling that these noise makers are the ones to whom anything Global/International hosted in any place other than India means western clothing. Well, maybe…maybe not! I haven’t a problem with either. But let’s face it. All these film festivals and their likes are just another means to promote fashion…aren’t they?! So one had better take it with a pinch of salt (and pepper too)… No?

On to the designer now! From what I’ve seen, every designer has a forté. I mean, they might be Jacks (or Jennys) of all, but definitely master of just 1 (maybe 2) styles. So, our friend, Mr. Sabya too has his forté – namely rich and ornate Indian ethnic. I’m sure many would agree with me here. Why then are these fashion complainants who, BEFORE the Cannes, were all gaga over Sabya being the apt choice as Balan’s designer, are now making a big noise?! And why, pray tell me, are these people who, BEFORE the Cannes, kept harping about Balan’s grace and Indianness, are now complaining about the same?! Jeez! Talk about hypocrisy!

And I’m quite certain that among these complainants and fashion wannabes are many who’ve sported the traditional Indian bridal “chooda” over a bikini (in the name of tradition ofcourse) or “gajra”-on-bun with western business formals (again, in the name of tradition). Yea yea, I’ve seen both (and more such)! Seriously, who on earth gives the likes of these the authority to make ANY fashion remark whatsoever, I wonder! 🙂 I may not be terribly fashiontastic myself, but even so, just sayin’… 🙂

Anyway, I didn’t feel like snubbing these people in the form of replies to their comments on Facebook. So I blogged it here instead. Wheww! My job’s done! 🙂 And I have always liked (still do) this designer-actor combo!