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Sometimes when you are in a restaurant, surrounded by “friends” cribbing their lungs out, all you want at that very moment is for their mouths to get stapled shut. Then suddenly, thanks to that empathetic manager, you hear a nice, familiar tune. Turns out its your favorite song. Ah !! Blessing in disguise! All those miserable stories are no longer a bother.

Sometimes when you cook something delectable, its not for the shallow flattery or the empty praise. Instead its only ’cause you like watching that glint in their eyes while they are enjoying it.

Sometimes when you are walking the city streets in that unbearable summer heat, drenching yourself and your clothes in blood-like sweat, out of nowhere, it rains (well, drizzles actually). And although you are not the type that usually enjoys getting soaked in cloud bursts, this somehow feels like the best and most cleansing shower ever!

Sometimes when you are sitting on top of a hill, watching waves hit the rocks below, and gulls swooping in to pick their prey, its only ’cause you want to get away from the urban drama around you. And it certainly does not make you sadist, a romantic, a poet, or a sociopath.

Sometimes when you go to the movies, its definitely NOT with the idea of coming out of it feeling all woozy, teary and guilty (about how hypocritical you really are – yea, those message intended movies make you feel that way). Come on, there is enough of all of that in your life anyway. Au contraire, this one happens to be one of those mindless, storyless, cheap slapsticks. Ofcourse you will later crib about how you wasted your dear dough on such a movie…but then, hey… deep inside, you are quite glad you did!

Sometimes when you have spent all your life imagining what your significant other would/should be like, you meet this person who is absolutely NONE of all that! And yet, there you are, hopelessly in love, and seeing those red heart-shaped puffs soaring before your eyes. And why? Just cuz this person said or did something that you had been thinking that entire day. Now, all those conditions and criteria you had set for your “Mr./Ms. Perfection” are… oops… where are they?!

Its all so ironic, and so not how or what you expected it to be. And yet, in some odd, indefinable sort of way, it pleases you, it agrees with you. The bigger events sure have their role, but I suppose its these unexpected trivialities – yes, I said trivialities – that make an otherwise dull life all so worthwhile. But then ofcourse, if you wait and secretly expect something like this to happen again, it just won’t! Oh Murphy… sometimes I really wonder how much you might have had to go through, to become an eponym for that great law!