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And I should continue to acquiesce to your whims even when you couldn’t care less, because… ?

And I shouldn’t wince when the piece of toast dipped for too long falls into into the cup full of hot tea, because… ?

And I should laugh at the fact that I flunked a test I didn’t study for, because… ?

And I shouldn’t swear hard when the beverage spills over between the keys of my laptop although I took extra precaution in keeping the can steady, because… ?

And I should still be thankful for getting that paltry promotion at work after years of fighting to get to that post, because… ?

And I shouldn’t stomp my feet in irritation when the elevator doors close shut just when I run and barely get to it, because… ?

And I should jump in glee and excitement when I hear that my best friend who shares my tastes bought the last pair of shoes that I soooo adored, because… ?

… because all of that was EXACTLY what I had expected (though not necessarily hoped for), and so I shouldn’t be bothered when my expectations are met. After all, they WERE met, weren’t they?!

But my husband says, “Expect the UNexpected and you will still be disappointed”. So I really wonder which one it is! Am I a pessimist or an optimist? And NO, I am not expecting an answer here 😉

Aaaahhhh… these expectations!! Makes a total fool out of the best of us!