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When something goes unexpectedly right, like a piece of code that you never dreamed would ever work, all you can do is gawk at the screen and praise the Lord! Later ofcourse, you will forget all about “God’s” praiseworthy action, and deem yourself as solely responsible for effectively and efficiently developing and testing that piece of code.
But if that same piece of code were to show you the finger, wave its pixelated tongue at you and say “In your face!” during a demo to the boss, you will not only gawk at the screen, but also cuss and sweat, and mutter under your breath, “Damn this thing! Just when I want it to work, it will not! Why does this always happen to me?!!!”

You are walking the streets and avenues of midtown Manhattan in that blazing sun, trying to get to the subway in time, dodging those inevitable human herds at each light, when out of nowhere, your long lost friend shows up, and offers you a ride to work. There you go again, counting your blessings, and oohing and aahing your chum while gingerly getting rid of all that salty toxic waste called “perspiration” that you have accumulated and emitted during this entire process.
But under the same blazing sun, if it were to lightly drizzle (that’s mother nature – with her best intention of cooling you off), you would in no time begin to curse at how it always has to rain when you are late for something and whenever you are without an umbrella!

This superlative praise that “God” and his “angels” (including yourself) get when things go right, is definitely not undeserved (how could I even DARE to think so!)! But all the unnecessary attention Mr. Murphy gets when things go wrong… now that’s so unfair! Murphy’s Laws this and Murphy’s Laws that!! It really got me wondering what he must have done, to have to bear the brunt of all us grudge holders for generations together!!!
Ofcourse I looked it up and thanks to the many zealots and enthusiasts, I found my answer (several answers actually) here among other places. Yet, I can’t help but say, “Poor Mr. Murphy”…