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Wht wid d textn and scrappn all over da place, dis seems 2 b d flava of da tymes. Itz pikd up lyk cray-z… all r using it, mah frnz too! So i thot, lemme gv it a shot miself! Wtf newayz (n by dat, i din mean wensday-thursday-friday… oh alryt alryt, i’ll chng it 2 wht da heck!! u cool now?)! 😛 😀 🙂 😡

Whn i wuz much younger (aaawwww), i memba mah ma (read ‘remember my mom’) telln me abt n showin me sumthn calld “shorthand writing”. N i used 2 lol at her n say ‘Ewwww… dun u grown ups know ne bettr dan 2 spell lyk dis?! Wid dashes n lines?!’ N she used 2 reply, ‘Duhhh… Dis ain’t ne actual language kiddo. Dis is just a way to note down fastr!’ Her reply bak den (shorthand itself) wuz ofcourse much mo plausible n meaningful dan dis modern age ‘micromini-hand style’ datz used!

Oh boy! Typn lyk dis really gets a bit tuff aftr a whyl, but hey, letz luk at d brighter syd. D wordz r way way shortr dis way.

Phew! On one hand v hav dis funny lukin, z-filld n almost-vowel-free set of wrdz… and on d othr, v hav spelling bees wid kidz tryn their best at memoryzng spellngz of long words, along wid their meanings n usages. i wunder y! i mean… aftr all, these hardworkn kidz myt prolly end up typn dis loada whtevah once dey grow up anyway! So whtz d point of all d memoryzng?!
Jeez… it’s kwyt intrestn 2 c ver d world’z headed 2wards! N wyl it’s headed der, i’ll jus sit here n rotflmao…

Enuff alrdy!!! Hey ya dudez n babez, plz (no really, please!) frgv me 4 dis odd piece dat i call ‘post’. Cuz i mean, lyk, u kno… 4 those dat rn’t too fumiliah wid dis s#!% (yo! dats no xpletive!), it wud hv takn 4ever 2 read it!
So neway, i gtg now… n luv y’all 4 bearin wid me dis long! tc… ttyl … xoxoxoxo <3<3<3