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I gazed at the setting sun and considered if there is anything more beautiful than that.
She looked at the setting sun (or did she now?!), cribbed at how dark it was getting, and started on a monologue of what to do the following day.
He saw the setting sun for a few moments, looked down and continued playing the game on his iPhone.

I slipped and fell. I winced, and immediately looked around to see who witnessed it.
She had dropped a rotten fruit, and before she could turn to pick it, I had tripped on it and fallen. She felt guilty.
He had seen seen me slip and fall. And he couldn’t help but laugh.

I think wavy hair looks neat, but straight flowing hair looks awesome too.
He says ‘why bother!’
She thinks… well, she just keeps thinking.

I told her how much I love him.
She looked at me wide-eyed and wondered ‘But how?!?!?!’. And then seconds later, ‘WHY?!?!’
He didn’t know I loved him. He didn’t even stop to think. But he wasn’t to blame anyway.

I sat on the chair and read. I read and read… I was oblivious to anything and everything around me.
I sat on the chair and read. Two minutes later, I was dozing.
I sat on the chair, and all I did was change my position and posture. The book in my hands seemed to cause all the more irritation. I didn’t even open it!

Same picture, same situation, (Heck, sometimes even the same person!)… yet so many perceptions, so many reactions, so many emotions. And to imagine that we have the nerve to expect to find people that think exactly like us, when even WE don’t think like us all the time!!! Duhhh… ‘Naivetรฉ’ you say? I say ‘unreasonable’. I think it’s time to get real…