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No, I am not Barky – the cute little over-zealous pup that runs amok in mud, enters the house haughtily with four mucky paws, and later refuses to partake in that blasphemy called “bath”. Au contraire, I am just me, waiting for my muse to strike me on the back of my head when I least expect it, and cuss and fuss about it when darling muse makes an appearance while I am in the shower, at my vulnerable best, and in a position where I am most incapable of recording her presence. Now don’t you dare tell me you haven’t been struck by such forces yourself!!!

Image credits: Found the background on the web, but added the insets myself

Oh yes, here I am, bubbled in from head to toe, when a wonderful poetic idea makes its way into my mind. I personally think it must have lost its way or something. But anyway, before it has even traversed the complex maze of neurons and nerve endings inside that which some call brain, I lunge for my diary-pen or iPhone (whichever is more accessible at that very instant) with a faint hope of being able to capture her (the idea, I mean). In the process, I even manage a few mishaps – like dropping the soap into the tub, letting that citrusy shampoo happily run into my eyes, and even tasting those darned rainbowy bubbles (cute to look at, but so totally ugh on the tongue). Never mind all that! Finally, with book (or phone) in hand, I furiously get to writing down (or typing) this Eureka-ish idea. But there it is; a big blank (save the few droplets that sneaked their way in on my book – OR PHONE). Alas it’s too late. The idea has already made it across my mind, and out too, although I have a feeling it got worried and fled. And there I am, left standing like a fool – feeling absolutely dumped! By an idea!!! And it’s times like these when I sincerely wish there was a device (NOT my brain again, please) that could record my thoughts just as they happened – a device that’s intangible, a device that cannot get wet while I am in the shower, a device that I don’t have to reach for, a device that’s always there, a device even better than the much talked about ‘cloud’…

This world of technological overflow begs for continuous improvisations; it begs for constant change. And in such a world, I too am entitled to my techy whims, am I not?!

Maybe if I were Barky, that teensy little pup, I wouldn’t have needed all such devices and contraptions after all… *sigh*… Such is the life of an artist, when originality and inspiration are hard to come by…

And to imagine THIS is how I mark my return to observation-in-prose!