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In an Apple world…
(image designed by Kavita)

It’s been forever since I WROTE Β wrote, but today, it just had to happen! πŸ™‚ Seriously, if somebody was to run some kind of stats about the most talked-about subject right about NOW, Apple would come out the winner! It’s as if the other “stuff” doesn’t exist at all…
The critics are hoarding every space they can lay their hands on with remarks about how iPhone5 doesn’t have anything “new”.
The haters are busy (as usual) finding faults (quite easily too).
The neutrals (who I, until about now, thought I was) are politely laughing at the Apple sue-and-tall jokes made.
The lovers are contemplating iPhone5 Verizon versus ATT.

And the list just goes on…

I have never seen SO MUCH attention (bad and good…but mostly bad) being given to any one topic/subject after..let’s see…World War 2 perhaps?!

Heck, I can even go on and say that Apple has almost become the deciding factor for Facebook friending and unfriending! Seriously, has it become the new religion or cult or something?

I mean, okay, I’m not as tech-savvy as you, and I don’t care about the super duper geek-friendly “features”.. I just care about the interface and intuitiveness that some of the Apple products offer.. So simply put, I like the iPods and iPads and iPhones…But will you call me your enemy just because I like them?! I, for one, know that I won’t hate you for hating Apple or for liking Samsung or LG or HTC or XYZ or whatever it is that you like!

Jeez… these are corporations.. and that’s what corporations do… COMPETE! That doesn’t mean we need to take it to heart per-se… They have their (kind and not-so-kind) ways of getting at each other’s throats… but do we need to too? – We have plenty of other reasons anyway – πŸ™‚

Now just because I posted some pro-Apple opinion (yea, that’s right..it’s called an OPINION) on Facebook, I see some friends putting up messages that question (or even attack) my JUDGEMENT and principles! Whew! Seriously… how little does it take for us to get worked up.. and I mean REALLY worked up.. isn’t it?

I’d just say, “chill.. have an apple, love”…”or tea.. or even some coffee, if that’s what you prefer”.. Just don’t let the tech bombs fall on you.. (or even me, for that matter) πŸ™‚

Love et peace,