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Image credits: Kavita

Only today, while standing by the boiling tea (it being a Saturday and all, it’s my turn to make tea), I got into my usual warmth-induced wondering mode, and my mind – quite naturally – broached into the premises of earth hour this year. And an hour later, post tea and biscuits, while doing my AM Facebook rounds, what do I find out?! That Earth hour is in fact today!!! How cool(and weirdly scary) is that!!! Anyway, I like entertaining the idea of playing guilt-free for that one hour every year. Well, to be fair to ourselves, the hubby and I actually go power-less for a day each month (or whenever we remember to) – yea, our little bit for this planet perhaps… I also like to remind myself that I have come down to a no laptop mode – it’s just my terribly frequently used iPad and my hardly-used iPhone. So I’m kinda getting there, ya know… But tonight, the power grid chez nous goes out! For an hour, no less! Perhaps even some more (?). Alright night sky, welcome me – and my camera – in a few hours. We’re all yours tonight! Alas, the much talked about meteor is way past us already, else he too would have had the privilege of being captured by my lens. Too bad for him…