About me

I practically live in my dreams. “Huh??” you wonder. “True” I say.

That’s pretty much my story. A blur of events, with intermittent long lapses of lull. But isn’t that everyone else’s too? So yes, I am as much me as I am you.

Hence, as you read through my posts, don’t wonder. For you you could just as well be thinking them, or have thought of them already, or will think them some time later.

Mine is just an attempt to catch my thoughts before they jump out of my mind as they cross it, and decide to never come again! Mine is just a medium to know me as I was, by way of my thinkings, in case I am to ever lose my memory. Which is why I have and still am passing this link on to friends and dear ones, so that they can direct me to this site if such a day ever finds its way in my life.

So I try…

And just in case you are interested in poems, here is where I write mine…


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